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“Looks like my party has been cancelled.”

“Looks like my party has been cancelled.”

The featherweight was left out of his own touch. The singer will perform last Sunday in Chicago as part of the Sueños Festival poster. but, He couldn’t even step on stageWell, minutes before the presentation starts The event has been cancelled.

From a very early time,Double PHe shared with his fans that he was ready to see the fans who would attend this event, but hours later, via social media, he announced that the organizers had removed him from the venue, as the concert had been “apparently” suspended.

“I have bad news for you,” the musician said in a video he posted on his Instagram account: “At the moment I am coming from the festival, and it seems that they are evacuating everyone. They evacuated me too, because apparently my concert was cancelled.”

The singer, who will be responsible for closing the event, was excluded from his special performance at a festival. Image: screenshot.

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Although he himself was not clear about the reality of the situation, he told his fans about it cancellation It was due to Heavy rain and thunderstorms This delayed the start of the event by approximately two hours.

The musician added: “There is very heavy rain here in Chicago and it seems that the government and authorities will not allow the concert to be held today.”

He also apologized to the public and, above all, for the lack of understanding, because the matter was beyond his control: “It is because of the weather and not because of anything else. I’m here in Chicago, and I hope I can give them a good concert when they let me.

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Minutes later, the official announcement came from the festival’s production. They explained that for security reasons they had to suspend activities, including the performance of Maluma, who was already on stage when they began to evacuate the venue.

Despite what happened, the “She Dances Alone” singer decided to go to one of the well-known clubs in the city, where she apologized, for the second time, and sang three songs for anyone who wanted to see him.

“I’m so sorry about what happened today at Suenos, but as you know how much I care about the people of Chicago and how much I love you bastards, I’ll be here,” he said at the beginning of his presentation. .

For his part, Maluma also said that he was indebted to his American fans and thanked them for the short time they were able to see each other but for the great love they gave him.

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