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Do you know what is the most important part of your car engine?

Do you know what is the most important part of your car engine?

The cars are structured Through a system of parts and mechanisms that must be fully coordinated for optimal operation. Any component failure will cause the car to crash, because they all require synchronization.

in the case of the engine, This is the heart of the car. Thus, all of their elements are essential hence the importance of giving them the maintenance they need. Often, preserving engine life will determine the useful time of the vehicle.

What is the function of the engine in a car?

Engine failure
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This question is very frequently asked, and the answer to it is simple: engine function It can be explained as an internal combustion process, which is responsible for converting energy through a combustible liquid so that it turns into heat. With this, it achieves a mechanical drive that rotates the wheels to achieve the displacement.

This entire system is only possible through the combination and functioning of the different parts. from Bloccylinders, pistons, Cooling and lubrication system. The well-maintained engine translates into a quiet, responsive car. Whereas, an engine that has a malfunction will perform poorly.

The basic parts of an engine

Diesel engines can accumulate a lot of carbon.
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As mentioned earlier, all engine parts play a major role and are managed as a team. However, there are some of those crucial processes complete. This is the case camshaft.

The camshaft is a mechanical rod whose job it is to actuate the intake and exhaust valves. It achieves this through its main function, which consists in regulating the opening and closing time Engine valves. This is how it controls the filling and emptying of the cylinders and allows the car to generate energy. This piece also converts circular motion into rectilinear motion.

Camshaft / Photo: Pixabay
Credit: Wilfred Bonck | pixabay

camshaft It has a design that is divided into two parts, the active phase and the resting phase. The first consists of two curved lines tangential to the circle of the base, called cam wings. These correspond to the opening and closing of the valve and the curved line encircling these wings, called the cam head, corresponds to the valve’s maximum opening.

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The second phase , The rest is when the valve closes. This is obtained by a circular seam in the base circle and allows a small play between the cam and tappet, which allows the thermal expansion produced in engine operation and ensures perfect valve sealing. The design of the cam profile is a very important aspect because it must not cause too high acceleration of the tappet nor should it hit the camera.

All parts of the engine are relevant and therefore must be well taken care of. The engine is the heart of the car and lubrication is also essential. The indicated oils suggested by the manufacturer should be used at the times of their use.

The important recommendation is that any extraneous noises heard in the engine should be identified as soon as possible in order to quickly detect a possible malfunction and thus avoid breakdown. Unusual sounds can be serious problems over time and break something inside that will be expensive to fix later.

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