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Discriminatory shout stops All Star of Liga MX against MLS

Discriminatory shout stops All Star of Liga MX against MLS

After the audience sang the hymn, with less than ten minutes of play, the referee stopped the movements for a few minutes.

The discriminatory shout was delivered in the stands of Bank of California at the MLS All Star match between Liga MX and MLS.Therefore, the central referee stopped the match for a few minutes while the two teams met in the central circle.

According to ESPN reporter Katja Castorina, Shouting was heard in the stands and because of that the match was stopped at the first warningAccording to the protocol established by FIFA and CONCACAF.

After the interruption and warnings were given in the stadium to prevent the fans from shouting again, The game resumed smoothly.

Even ESPN analyst David Fittelson described the outcry that occurred on the booths of the LAFC home as shameful.

“What a shame! The homophobic cry of the All-Star Game. Incomprehensible. What a pity…”, he wrote.

In the same way, Hercules Gomez, an analyst for this channel, wrote in English “I heard the scream in the All-Star Game. Struggle? Alas, “and put it on his Twitter account.

After the match resumed, the fans acted, for the time being, and enjoyed the match that exploded in the 21st minute with a goal from Jonathan Rodriguez, that “Capecita” presented Liga MX with a shot inside the area. .

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