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Diego Coca El Tre goes with a line of five and without Alexis

Diego Coca El Tre goes with a line of five and without Alexis

Rafael RamosESPN Digital Sports AnalystJune 14, 2023 at 11:01 p.m. ETReading: 3 minutes.

Diego Coca hopes to make the Mexican fans proud in front of the United States

The El Tre coach said he understood what it meant for Mexican fans to beat their northern neighbor in football.

Las vigas — Diego Coca He made two specific decisions to confront The United States Thursday night at Allegiant Stadium, within one of the semi-finals of The League of Nations.

1.- It will keep the five line in the background.

2.- Without haste, without obsessions, without falling into the eternal trap United State.

Edson Alvarez and Uriel will accompany Antona Henri Martin.Palestinian Authority

At the moment Alexis Vega continues with recurring knee problems and awaits absolute discharge at Sebastián Córdova state.

The goal will be occupied by Guillermo Ochoa and the passes will be Julián Araujo and Jesus Gallardo, but with specific indications in defensive work.

Yohan Vazquez, Israel Reyes and Cesar Montes will be in the center of defence, while Luis Romo leaves the duo with Luis Chavez to enter Edson Alvarez. Aurel Antona and Charlie Rodriguez will accompany Henri Martin.

Eleven people have been training in recent days, but it can still undergo some adjustments according to Diego Cocca’s final review.

The truth is that the Argentine coach will not make a crazy attempt to enter into the eternal ambush that he is preparing. United StateI hope you will pressure him to take charge of managing the match and surprise him

Displays? In this new administration and with the Sword of Damocles hanging over the head of the coach, there will be no betting so generous that he can unite a team and an operation.

Cocca understands that, and saving the results is the only way to save his life triplebehind The League of Nations And Gold cup.

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