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Diana Sanchez Full Job at a New York Restaurant: “I operate the cash register, answer the phone and wait on tables” | business presentation | trpm | Offers

Diana Sanchez He said he used to work at a restaurant and entertainment company in New York, and he feels very excited to continue making his dreams come true with his partner, Dan Guido.

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Diana, you recently mentioned that you started out as a waitress in New York. Is it the first time you dedicate yourself to this field?

I used to work at another restaurant in Manhattan as a “hostess” (hostess), but this new job, which is very small, is close to where I live and I handle the cashier, answer the phone to take orders and make reservations, bring the tables, order everything I’m more It’s been a month and I’m fine.

You are a “full champagne”…

In New York you have to work for everything, people are singers in the morning, lawyers in the afternoon and doctors on the weekends. Most of them have multiple jobs and not just for the economical part, but because they like it. I also work for another entertainment company where I participate in performances, dances and as a model. There are so many talented people here and they’re so versatile, it’s just so cool and natural. When I commented about it (about her work) on my networks, people started telling me “How can you work as a waitress?” But here you do it all.

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Have you been criticized for your work?

No, quite the opposite, I always get nice comments, but some get surprised and say, “Do you work as a waitress?” , “Don’t you feel sorry after working (on TV)?”. But no, on the contrary, I feel happy because I feel like I’m starting to open my mind to do different things. Also, this year I am going to get a certificate.

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What is the subject of the certificate?

I’ll share it with you later, but it’s something I really like and I think I’m very good at. I am very happy, this year I have many goals to meet, trying to achieve all our goals as a couple and family with Dan.

Is it true that you will soon be on vacation in Peru?

Yes, I’ll go first and then Dan and Dash (his little dog) arrive. After a while, I couldn’t see my family because of the situation, there was fear for the airport, but I will spend time with my family, and I will also do a ‘close sale’ and sell some products. I will be a business woman and I will spend quality time with family, I miss them so much.

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