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Luis Alberto García, María Isabel Diaz and Hector Noas meet again in Havana

Luis Alberto García, María Isabel Diaz and Hector Noas meet again in Havana

Maria Isabel Diaz Lago, Hector Nawas And Luis Alberto Garcia They are recording the film in Havana pressure to Marilyn Solaya.

On their social networks Noas and Eternal Ofelia de A friend of David’s They bragged about their reunion during filming, with a photo of them smiling for the camera.

“Mother, what I have in every aspect. What life gives me… Sharing movies, dreams, laughter and good love is what I live for. Thank you, Marilyn Solaya for giving us the opportunity to enjoy the magic that exists” in this encounter, for the wonderful thread with which you have woven this Encounters: Your Film,” writes Maria Isabel – who Last July he turned 59 years old..

“This is luxury! It was filmed! With María Isabel Díaz and Luis Alberto García. We are part of the wonderful cast of Marilyn Solaya’s ‘Stress,'” Héctor said on his wall.

A few days ago, María Isabel Díaz broadcast live on Instagram from one of the registration sites in the capital: the Fructoso Rodríguez Orthopedic Hospital.

His video showed not only some of the cameramen working on set, some of whom he had worked with since his beginnings in cinema, but also the film’s director and Patricio Wood, who plays the doctor.

“It’s always a nice opportunity to have the possibility of making films and we’re making a film that we all believe in because it’s not just because it’s called pressureThis is something that must be taken into consideration. I think this film will be unforgettable because life itself will remind us of it,” Wood told María Isabel’s followers.

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He added: “I am a doctor and I will be aware of all the people who want to see me, but in this case I do not recommend it.”

For her part, Isabel Lago will play a pediatric oncologist. He added, without giving further details, “He is a lovable character and has his own story.”

“Stressful feature film. Despite the rain and everything… it was filmed! Havana, Cuba,” the director herself, who is also the screenwriter of the feature film, celebrated on her networks a few hours ago.