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Dayanara Torres in a white miniskirt confirms the most elegant trend of this fall

Dayanara Torres in a white miniskirt confirms the most elegant trend of this fall

Dayanara Torres, Miss Universe 1993, was frequently seen on the entertainment show they air on Univision, and yes, it’s “El Gordo y La Flaca” where she gained great acceptance for how she manages the space when one of her presenters is not around. You may attend the study due to a problem with your personal agenda.

in Instagram (favorite social network) or television, the Puerto Rican always leaves little to the imagination of those who remain attentive to every step she takes in her career, as well as the content she publishes on the social network, where it has exceeded one million views.followers.

Dinara Torres. Source: Instagram @dayanarapr

Dayanara Torres in a miniskirt breaks the silence about her isolation

Dayanara Torres She decided to wear a short skirt with a crop top and brown heels to tell intimate stories about her life. “The most important thing is that in our time, in this stage that we live in, if one realizes that he is not the right person for you, for the rest of your life, the best thing is to talk about it as people,” he said on the programme.

With a post in your Instagram The former Miss Universe continued: “I wish you the best. I respect him very much. I admire him a lot, but yes, one has to think about his future. And I’m fine, that’s another thing. “People think you’re not happy, and no, folks, I’m happy, I’m a blessed person,” he explained to host Lily Estefan.

Dinara Torres. Source: Instagram @dayanarapr

Dayanara Torres It was always about not hiding anything about her feelings and at the same time looking gorgeous with every step she took. That’s why we don’t stick to statements but to the perfect look to start a winter of solitude and pure enjoyment.

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