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How nice!  This was Ravi Pina’s meeting with Natti Natasha and her daughter Vida Isabel (+photos)

How nice! This was Ravi Pina’s meeting with Natti Natasha and her daughter Vida Isabel (+photos)

The past year has been very difficult for Dominican singer Natti Natasha and her husband Rafael PenaThe imprisonment of the music producer led to them remaining separated for a long time, and the Puerto Rican also missed the development of the daughter they shared, called Life IsabelWithout being able to enjoy their first steps, their first words, and even the appearance of their first teeth. However, it is no secret that the couple has kept in touch and had to nurture their love through the screen, most often throughout this time.

The couple, who got engaged in February 2021, were forced to physically separate when… Pena surrendered to authorities in May 2022 When he was charged Illegal possession of firearmsHe was sentenced to three years and five months in prison and a fine of US$150,000. He is also subject to three years’ probation after serving his time in prison. United State.

Ravi Bina from prison

That is why any meeting with your family is an injection of energy and happiness to deal with this difficult situation. Last Sunday, October 1, the reggaeton singer visited Malik Pena enrolls in FCI Butner Medium II in North CarolinaBut she was not alone, as she was accompanied by her daughter Life Isabelwho had previously visited his father in prison when he attended with his older brothers, the other three children of Puerto Ricans.

“These two beings are my treasure, even though they say I’m theirs. They are my father and mother and we will always be together with God’s love and grace. I’m happyzzzzzz. Laughter from outside, have you noticed that? Reads a post from an account Instagram From a two-year-old little girl. In addition, the record company owner also published other photos with his three other children, the result of previous relationships, who had previously visited him and were happy to be able to share them with their father.

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Pina’s posts received thousands of comments and likes from her followers, who sent her messages of encouragement and admiration for her strength and faith. Likewise, many urban genre artists such as Daddy Yankee, Wesin, Zion and Lennox, Among others, they also expressed their support and love.

On the other hand, the singer said “criminal” She also dedicated a few words to her husband, shared a photo of him kissing Pina and wrote: “I love you, baby. Thank you for being so special to me and our daughter. You are a great father and a great husband. God be with you always.”