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Dana White: “Elon Musk vs. Mark Zuckerberg will be the best fight in history”

Dana White: “Elon Musk vs. Mark Zuckerberg will be the best fight in history”

What started as a joke can come true. CEO of Tesla, Elon MuskFacebook founder challenged, Mark Zuckerberg To a mixed martial arts cage fight, negotiations began to make the match a reality.As announced by the President of the UFC, Dana White, in an interview with TMZ Sports.

White confirmed that he communicated with billionaires and that the first to knock on the door was ZuckerbergTo which he asked “Are you really serious?”. Musk was approached by the head of the mixed martial arts company, who confirmed his determination to fight.

“Best fight ever”

Although it has not yet become a reality, Dana White can’t help but get excited just thinking about the showdown between two of the biggest billionaires In the history of holding a match, you can make it the best in the history of the sport of mixed martial arts.

“This will be the largest battle in the history of the world, and greater than anything ever undertaken.”, He said. White’s words on TMZ Sports about said fight were “will break all pay-per-view records”.

The fight challenge was introduced after it was revealed that Team Tech is from Mark Zuckerberg is building a new program that can compete with Twittera company recently acquired by the founder of Tesla.

The biggest fight in Pay-Per View history was Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor in 2017.which grossed more than $600 million. Despite this, the UFC boss believes that “they can triple what Mayweather and McGregor did.”