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Dana Paula gets hit with socks that cost thousands of pesos |  Photo

Dana Paula gets hit with socks that cost thousands of pesos | Photo

continuously , Dana Paula He shows off his style on social networks, where we can see that one of the characteristics he shares with “Lu”, the character he played in “Elite”, is his taste for fashion.

Well, in addition to clothes on trend, the Translator Bad Fame She revealed that her wardrobe consists of elegant and upscale clothes.

These wonderful and expensive pieces of clothing help you give birth special clothes Not only for her presentations, but for her daily life, parties and important events, such as her sister’s graduation, a moment she shared on her Instagram account, where in addition to seeing her happy for her beloved partner, we can see her with a stunning spring look.

Only this time we will focus on the analysis of a More casual wear That the beautiful translator has also shared it on social networks, which includes a file A pair of luxury socks Which is worth more than what many would pay for a complete look.

And in her latest Instagram post, Danna Paola was spotted in a gorgeous outfit consisting of a cropped top and white tennis shoes, which she paired with trendy green shorts and straight sunglasses.

Danna Paola shows off her luxurious Balenciaga socks

Not to mention his balenciaga socks According to the brand’s page, it costs 2,550 pesos, a cost that some may consider appropriate for a clothing from a famous company, although some may consider it a waste.

But given the successful path of the former judge “academy‘, she obviously has the possibility to buy clothes of this style, which in addition to the fit well, earns her honors for her role as Lucrecia Montesinos in the Netflix series already mentioned.

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