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Cubans must wait more than a month to collect remittances at banks

Cubans must wait more than a month to collect remittances at banks

Cubans denounced that collecting remittances sent to them from abroad can take more than a month at branches of the Banque Popular de Ahuru (BPA).

“In December, they paid for September shipments.” He confirmed to independent media Cuban Diary Kobe does not want to reveal his identity.

a report DDC Maximum delay is guaranteed when transfers sent are in Euros.

Delays in deliveries were reported mainly in the provinces of Santiago de Cuba, Mayapique and Camagüey.

As one BPA employee confirmed to this outlet, customers “must come to the bank and make a reservation, and when there is money, they are notified by phone to come pick it up.”

“It could be a week or a month. There is no set deadline,” he said of the waiting time.

For his part, independent economist Angel Marcelo Rodríguez Pita explains that the waiting time “in Havana can take two or three weeks. In other parts of the country there are more problems with the euro, but not with the dollar.

Pieta confirms that Swiss or Italian residents on the island have their pensions withheld for up to six months.

There is no liquidity in Euros. “There is almost no European tourism. People leave the country with euros and also use them for procedures at embassies,” he added.

Remittances are the main source of money for many Cuban families.

Recently, an article from the Cuban Conflict Observatory estimated this The Cuban regime has received $300 million in remittances and subsidies since 1960.

For example, since 1993 Cuba has received a total of $102.252 million from Cuban immigrants, most of them from the United States. Of them, 52,252 million family transfersAnother 50,000 were in packages containing food, medicine and other consumer goods, the article said, citing a study conducted by Cuba's Siglo XXI.

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