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Cuban director Juan Carlos Cremata recommends a documentary about Otaola: “Don’t miss it!”

Cuban director Juan Carlos Cremata recommends a documentary about Otaola: “Don’t miss it!”

CubitaNOW write ~ Thursday, June 15, 2023

Cuban director Juan Carlos Cremata on Thursday recommended from his social sites a documentary film entitled “Influencer” about the life of controversial director Alexandre Otaola, which was released on Wednesday in Miami.

“Last night I had the wonderful opportunity to be among the guests at the premiere of this excellent documentary about the most famous, controversial, controversial and iconic intellectual influencer and – whether they like it or not – a mandatory nod to talking about these times in which we Cubans are living,” Cremata wrote on Facebook. his Facebook account.

“Alexander Otaola is either hated or loved. There is no half measure with him. You may or may not agree with what he says, but no one can dispute the fact that he has carved out – at the expense of tireless and diligent work – his right to speak his truth and to be heard.” “. .

And whoever asks him does not know what he is talking about. Because the man never stops playing. In every sense of the last word. For it is a thorn, a rattle, a stinging whip, and a fine chisel, brush, or pen with a sharp action.”

In terms of sound and image, he highlighted the work of its director, the young director Javier Labrador Deulofeu, “who gives ample evidence of his remarkable and sensitive talent, as a cameraman and even as a director of an unforgettable feature film”.

Cremata said he knew about the Labrador business beforehand, having worked together in Cuba before migrating to Miami. “So, I suggested being my assistant; the job he had to contend with between his inexperience and the adventures of independently producing pasta shooting in Cuba. And together, we gave birth to VIVA CUBA,” he recalls.

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According to the director, the documentary delves into Otaola’s beginnings as a phenomenon, “more on her human side—a person who loves animals seems to me to be a good human being—than the celebrities everyone thinks they know”.

“You have to ruin yourself with Otaola, gentlemen! Whoever claims to deny it is blind to reality. It is a mass phenomenon. And this is a work, which, I am sure, will be seen everywhere, other than those who discredit it, or try to conceal it,” he said.

He noted that Otaola “stands as a constant denunciation of tyranny, a fire that does not stop and gains more and more followers, as well as a chatterbox that surely entertains and moves a large section of our gullible society.”

So try to see him as soon as possible, before they tell him a story. The truth is, I don’t know how it will be distributed, but I appreciate that the path will be fresh and successful, like the wonderful, wonderful, wonderful journey they have already traveled. He started with nothing, gentlemen, without a kilogram, constantly rejected. And today he lives by hearing it.”

“His truth has been made known. And he defends it like a lion. Applause from the audience. I laughed a lot, and I am one of those who think laughter is less harmful than crying. Once you get it out, look: don’t miss it!”

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