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This is how Sasha Kaley found out she was cast as Supergirl in The Flash

This is how Sasha Kaley found out she was cast as Supergirl in The Flash

The premiere of The Flash caught the attention of thousands of DC Comics fans. According to Warner Bros. Pictures, the film was released on June 15 in Colombia.

In fact, the interest the film and the cast have been getting is so much that in the past few hours it has gone viral. Sasha Kaley’s emotional reaction to learning she’s landed the role of Supergirl.

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The video shared by SensaCine México’s TikTok account has already had thousands of views and only lasted 3 hours.

As can be seen from the pictures, The actress is in a video call with Andrés Muschietti, the film’s director.

The conversation begins with a greeting and the man says, “The truth is, we still don’t have an answer, but I want to ask you two more questions.”

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Fearlessly, Sasha asks her questions and jokes about her nerves. Muschietti asks him: “Can you fly?” Sasha is confused and jokes about the situation: “If you need me, I will do it.”

However, he tells her that she obviously can’t fly. at that very moment, The man shows him the Supergirl costume And confirms the news: “You are a super girl.”

Sasha Kaley breaks down in tears and tells her family that she got the part.

Why does Sasha Calle speak Spanish so well?

During the video call, Callie and Muschetti are speaking in Spanish. It is known that the famous director is Argentine, which is why he is fluent in the language.

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but, Why does Sasha also do that and a certain Colombian delight?

It turns out that Callie was born in Boston, Massachusetts, but he speaks Spanish with a Pisa accent.

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This is because when I was 10 years old, He lived in Colombia for two years with his motherfrom Medellin. In due course, Sasha returned to the United States to work on her acting.

However, he maintains that he regularly comes to ColombiaTo Medellin to visit his family.

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