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Cuban coyotes and immigrants arrested in Mexico

Cuban coyotes and immigrants arrested in Mexico

Mexican security agents on Friday arrested three coyotes who were transporting Cuban migrants in vans. Out of a total of 30 undocumented migrants, 28 are from the island and the remaining two are from Sri Lanka. The arrest took place in the state of Nuevo Leon.

Vehicles full of migrants were found in the parking lot of a shopping center in the municipality of Escopedo, near the Texas border. Around midnight, police officers spotted two white vans with license plates from Coahuila and Mexico City. Next to them was a rental car with Nuevo Leon license plates.

A report by Escobedo’s Civil Defense Secretary provides other details.

“Officers observed that some were in vans while others quickly boarded taxis in which they would be transferred to safe houses in Saltillo.”

Following this, members of the city’s Citizens Security Secretariat were involved in arresting human traffickers. The migrants are in the custody of the concerned authorities. It has been revealed that 16 are girls, 11 are boys and three are girls between the ages of 5 and 7.

More Cuban immigrants are being held in Puebla

Arrests of Cubans in Mexico were not limited to one location, as 102 immigrants from the island were detained in the state of Puebla along with 78 other nationalities. Undocumented immigrants were waiting at a transit hotel to continue their journey north.

The hotel is named Villa Guadalupe and is located on Xocanatepec Boulevard. Those arrested are at the immigration station in Puebla.

Arrests are frequent in Puebla because the state is at a junction of sorts to continue toward the border with the United States. From there several routes have been established, passing through Coahuila, Nuevo León or Tamaulipas.

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