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Cristiano Ronaldo.  Unbelievable, they asked the captain to count!

Cristiano Ronaldo. Unbelievable, they asked the captain to count!

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Cristiano Ronaldo He is the player with the most goals in the history of Real Madrid, he is a champion Euro 2016His face is visible everywhere and he also entered the history of the Euro for spoiling the sponsorship of the world’s most important soft drink brand. There are still people who don’t recognize him.

This is what happened to a security guard in Ferenc Puskas Stadium Before the match between Portugal and Hungary, Where are the Portuguese footballers He had to show his credentials to enter the stadium Where the Euro was to play.

The moment was left to posterity when the cell phone recorded the moment the guard ran towards him Cristiano Ronaldo Accreditation is reviewed. The funny thing is that he asked him exactly who was surrounded by other people from the Portuguese Federation and they were all wearing the same uniform.

However, perhaps because of the mask, they did not recognize him and it was necessary for them to run to ask to identify his player.

What an adventure Leader On Hungary It must be remembered that one day before he shocked the marketing world when remove soda bottles at the press conference and caused millions of losses to that brand. Then, on match day, he scored two goals and led his team to victory.

Just like it happened to Federer

We must also remember that tennis player Roger Federer Something similar happened to him in Australian Open When the Swiss didn’t show up and wanted to go to the changing room. Immediately one of the guards asked him to show it otherwise he would not be allowed to pass. So the tennis legend had to go get to know him.

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