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Cristante repays and says his resignation from Toluca is on the table

Cristante repays and says his resignation from Toluca is on the table

Mexico City /

after, after Tied with MazatlanAnd Hernan Cristante He did not leave the Nemesio Diez stadium very happy and in a press conference he said sarcastically that the board of directors had already resigned in case of poor results with Toluca.

He questioned the Red Devils coach about feeling that the result left him after the strike blue cross At the end of the week, DT explained, in its own way, that harvesting points up to Day 5 is as thought.

“Not the best feeling. Blanca (from Fox) Stay calm because my resignation has been on the table for a long timeDon’t worry,” Cristante said sarcastically, before explaining the team’s position.

“I think that We are still in the leaderboard in a good placeWith good scaffolding, with accidents, football is like that, so I’m not going to stumble on that. Sorry, but the team has to get over, they have five games, two at home and three outings. If you guessed, before the tournament started, that you would have 10-12 points, today I think that was not possible. Today the team fights, fights, has something.”

Frustration has won them over

For the Argentine strategist, his team has been a prey to frustration and must continue to work to correct the mistakes made against gunboats.

“The team must continue to work because Today we won out of inaccuracy and frustration, It’s something we have to work on the field and part of the bench, and we suffer from some adverse situations on the field and turn it over,” he said.

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