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Barcelona surprises and chooses the player who should use "10" Messi: they have already offered it to him - ten

Barcelona surprises and chooses the player who should use “10” Messi: they have already offered it to him – ten

That was 13 years ago Lionel Messi I carry the number 10″ backpack in F.C.B. In 2008 the Argentine inherited this number from Ronaldinho.

After his departure to Paris Saint-Germain, a Barcelona Looking for a new owner10According to Sports World The club has already offered it to Coutinho.

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The Brazilian star comes from a long injury and although he is already out of hospital, he has not been called up to the duel against Real Sociedad. The person who was there was Ray Manaj, who is waiting to see what will happen with his future, and he got number 14 of Coutinho.

Waiting for news of Pjanic’s exit from F.C.B, who wears the eighth and Umtiti who wears the 23rd, and 10 It is the only number available on the form. Similarly, there is the twenty-fifth position, but the Spanish league keeps it for a goalkeeper only.

Barcelona presents to you 10 a Coutinho And the footballer thinks about it to give an answer, because he knows what it means to wear the number that was Messi In the Barcelona, who left as a legend.

Coutinho aims to be Barcelona’s new No. 10 in the 2021-22 season.

Coutinho, in its first phase in Barcelona He wore the 7 and last season, after his stint at Bayern Munich, he carried the 14 to give the 7 to Griezmann.

If Pjanic and Umtiti don’t come out between now and Saturday, Coutinho You will have to wear10In the match against Athletic Bilbao.

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It is noteworthy that the Brazilian already knows the meaning of playing with 10 in the big clubs, as he used it in Bayern Munich and Liverpool.

Gerrard’s choice

Gerrard Pique, one of the captains Barcelona, give his opinion on who should use 10 On the team after leaving Messi.

During a live outing on Twich with influencer Ibai Llanos, Piqué said he introduced her to Kun Agüero.

“lets see , 10 I told Kun that someone should wear it, but…it’s not clear to do so. Pique revealed that wearing the number 10 shirt is very good, but given the history of this number, it will be very difficult.”

It must be remembered that Aguero is injured and that is why he still does not have an assigned number.