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Condusef, the most expensive bank in credit card withdrawals

Condusef, the most expensive bank in credit card withdrawals

A credit card can save you from the hassle in case of emergency or unexpected expenses, as you can also make money withdrawals. But there is a cost for using the card, and this commission is different, and it depends on the bank where you get the loan.

National Authority for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (condos), that the commission depends on the bank in which the credit is given, and that interest comes with the amount borrowed, regardless of the additional fees that come in your contract. Next, we give you a list of the best and highest amounts.

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With a credit card, as opposed to a debit card, you are using bank money and therefore paying transaction fees, plus any additional fees.
Such as the cost of getting money with a credit card and the interest rate on the amount withdrawn.

Banks with the highest commission for cash disposal
Santander is the bank with the highest commission for getting cash because it handles 10%, for example if you withdraw 2000 you have to pay 200 pesos just to get it at the ATM. According to Condusef, these banks remain at the top, with an 8% commission:

  • Confirms
  • shallow water bank
  • Bancoble

Banks with the lowest commission for cash

Citibanamex, for its part, handles a commission of 6% and if you can withdraw 1,000 pesos from an ATM, you only have to pay a commission of 60 pesos.
In the list updated in April of last year, the following banks have a commission ranging from 6.6% to 6% for availing a cash loan from a teller.

  • BBVA Bancomer
  • Banregio
  • Inbursa
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Condusef requires users to take into account both the commission for withdrawing cash from an ATM, as well as the monthly interest they charge for the amount you withdraw.

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