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Concytec introduces a virtual book on water quality | News

Concytec presented the book “Water Quality: Ecosystem and Human Health”, after presentations at the symposium of the same name, which was presented in January of this year. This new edition – the international first – of the Science and Society Symposium, was a session of thematic conversations focusing on different problems of science and technology.

The event, which was presented last Friday, featured 13 foreign speakers from Asia, Europe and the Americas, in addition to 16 local speakers, all of whom are experts in the topic of water use, management and research. . The intense advocacy of exhibitors from around the world was essential to tackle a topic that is both a global challenge and one of the world’s biggest concerns; Especially, among the population of the countries of the region, more than that in the health emergency conditions that we are going through.

Exhibitions presented during the seven days of the symposium, co-organized jointly by the Inter-American Association of Academies of Sciences (IANAS) and the National Academy of Sciences (ANC), were included today in the submitted book.

During the presentation of the volume, which was posted on Concytec on Facebook, the president of the foundation, Dr. Benjamin Marticorina, indicated that the symposium – in its various publications and topics – “aims to attract all citizens, especially young people. Discuss the most urgent and important issues that the country should think about.

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In turn, Dr. Nicole Bernix, Vice President of the ANC, indicated that Dr. Nicole Bernix, Vice President of the ANC, Nicole Bernex indicated that this publication “will be received, read and discussed in many settings” because during the seminar we discussed “The water challenges have been enormous at the multidimensional, intersectoral, and inter-community level, as well as at the household and individual level. […] “This book, with great faith, reproduces conferences and seminars, and in its 174 pages it constitutes a very important contribution to our country, due to the multiple challenges this problem poses.”

For her part, IANAS Vice President, Dr Catherine Famy, pointed out that water management is a multidimensional issue related to various social, economic and health aspects, which is why – she admitted – the leap from science to designing public policies was for the benefit of all and to protect and conserve this important resource is more challenging. Achievable based on what was discussed in the event

“It helped us better direct future research, we looked at many new and existing issues around water quality; we have also seen how science can make better judgment on this important resource. We have seen that creating an institutional capacity to set up interdisciplinary research and professional training programs in this The field, to appropriately train future generations of scientists, “We have seen that creating an institutional capacity to prepare interdisciplinary research and professional training programs in this field is a top priority.

The Science and Society Symposium was created in 2017 as a space to discuss key national issues and how to understand and address them from the perspective of science and society. To date, the symposium has developed 10 publications, seven of them in virtual format, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Likewise, this hypothetical book is the second publication that carries into this format an edition of the Symposium on Science and Society; The same was done previously with the book COVID-19, which compiled presentations from 21 roundtables from the symposium of the same name.

The book can now be downloaded for free from the Concytec repository or at Here.

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Publish date: 5/9/2021