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The Flag Day Awards in A Coruña will be named Javier Nouvel

The Flag Day Awards in A Coruña will be named Javier Nouvel

Prizes Through which the best experiences are learned every year From Flag Day on Avenue Coruña it will be named after Javier Nouvel. This popular science enthusiast and chief Science House Friends AssociationSince Julio Casal is now occupied, he passed away in August 2020.

“That would be a method Remember the great promoter of this trip forever. “Said the mayor, Ines Rey, who remembers that Nouvel was responsible for “bringing knowledge to the streets.” This event encouraged many children to become future scientists and helped many people from A Coruña realize that they were “made” to spread the word. “Could Between us People who are as charismatic as Jaffer Novelle, it was easier for us to become a science cityRey concluded during his speech at the popular event taking place this year in Teatro Colon due to the health condition.

Local government will continue to give momentum to Museums of A Coruña With “policies that empower them” to stay the same A distinctive trademark from A Coruña. The mayor indicated that museums maintained their activities while counting the challenges Online And virtual visits, hoping that the museums network will soon return to normal, and he added: A Coruña is a strange city Which shares this personality with its visitors through its museums. “

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