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Concepción students stand out at the Paraguay Science Fair

Concepción students stand out at the Paraguay Science Fair

Students received recognition after submitting a board game that invited them to explore wetlands in the Greater Concepcion area through cards and boards.

Three students from Kingston College, ConcepcionBiobio region, took first place at the Muescientec Latin American Science Fair held in Paraguay.

The students were the only representatives of Chile at the exhibition, and when they came in first place they were awarded a prize Accreditation to attend the World Science Fair scheduled to be held in Brazil next year.

It’s about Isidora Tobar, Francesca Caricchio And Emilia Perezalong with Professor Jorge Zurita Bastín, who stood out by winning first place in the exhibition held in Asuncion last week.

Kingston College in Concepcion
Kingston College in Concepcion

Along with rewarding students, they too Recognition was also given to Jorge Zurita.Coordinator of ICT and Educational Innovation Project.

University’s president Marisol Hernandez explained to T13.cl That “his achievement was based on Showcasing her board game “Minoko”An innovative initiative Invites you to discover and explore the wetlands of Greater Concepción through cards and paintingsAnd enhance the skills and talents of students.”

“This creative combination of science and entertainment not only allowed them to shine internationally during Muescientec Paraguay, but also on an international level.”It also guaranteed them a place in the World Science Competition, which will be held in Brazil in 2024“The university president added.

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