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Conalype student wins national science and technology competition

Conalype student wins national science and technology competition

Ángela Elena Olazarán, student of Conalep in Veracruz, won the National Student Award with her project “Ixtlilton”, a virtual medical assistant.

Ángela Elena Olazarán, student at National College of Vocational Education (Conalibe) No. 244 “Manuel Maples Arce”, located in the municipality of Veracruzano, City of Papantla, won the 2021 National Student Award, in which more than 1,400 national high school students participated.

This student, who is currently studying in the fourth semester of the Professional Technical Bachelor in Computer Science, entered the competition with the “Ixtlilton” project, which works as a telemedicine assistant, powered by artificial intelligence developed using the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) methodology

“Ixtlilton” promises to generate a clinical diagnosis based on the symptoms presented by the patient, said the diagnosis will be given in Spanish or Tutunakú, the language of the Papantla communities.

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With this assistant, we hope to avoid saturation in hospital centers in the event of another emergency period, as we have seen many times in the epidemic.

Announced results were presented to the first 50 country, and later national top 10, in May, with Young Wave being placed among the first five finalists

Subsequently, the student was honored with first place in the competition, in which she won a scholarship for higher education, as well as an economics prize, recognizing her contribution to the SRTEM community.

Angela is an excellent student, because this was not her only celebration, she is also a two-time robotics champion, won the silver medal in the Veracruz Computer Science Olympiad 2022, and finished third in the Tayni program, with her “Ixtlilton” project, in addition to serving as an ambassador for Co Spaces Edu for Microsoft, under the Ambassador Student Program.

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