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Conalep Tamaulipas obtiene 7 pases a Expo Ciencias 2021

Conalep Tamaulipas received 7 entry tickets to Expo Ciencias 2021 – La Verdad

Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas. – November 9. The Foundation’s Director General, Alberto Chapa Leal, announced that the National College of Technical and Vocational Education (Conalep) Tamaulipas, has secured seven of the eight seats awarded in the state phase of the 2021 Technology Innovation and Creativity Competition, for the upper category. High School, to attend the Ciencias Durango 2021 National Competition Fair.

In addition, the Principal announced the wonderful work of teachers and students even with the inconvenience caused by the pandemic and the suspension of face-to-face lessons for more than a year and a half.

“We are very proud that Kunalip Tamaulipas has successfully transitioned to this national stage with a total of seven out of the eight seats awarded to the Senior Secondary category, awarded by the Tamaulipas Council of Science and Technology,” he said.

He also mentioned that the projects that received accreditation at Expo Ciencias Durango 2021 correspond to the campuses of Nuevo Laredo, Miguel Aleman, Matamoros, Victoria and Tampico.

“Conalep Victoria 172 Campus took first place with the Citromex project, while Matamoros Campus took third place with the Covid-19 remote monitoring station project,” said the director.

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