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Say goodbye to stereotypes about aesthetic medicine

Say goodbye to stereotypes about aesthetic medicine

“Those lips are not yours”, “You have tighter skin”, “I did some retouching!”. Certainly on more than one occasion one of your friends These comments question your decision to move forward Aesthetic Medicine Clinic. Or you yourself, who finds yourself saying to the doctor, “Please, Doctor, let me notice it, but don’t let others notice.”

The good news is that we have a chance to break free from that stigma It exists when we talk about aesthetic medicine. the bell dynamic beauty, launched by Teoxane Laboratories will help us.

Well, it is very easy to promote free beauty from Stereotypes, labels, and biases. Natural beauty where aesthetic medicine is a good thing, working every day to take care of us and make us feel good. Because it’s time to tell your friends to stop using outdated words Like ‘retouching’ or ‘repair’ and change it to others like ‘care’.


Aesthetic medicine takes care of us

That’s what it’s all about, looking at ourselves in the mirror and seeing ourselves more beautiful. No matter our gender, age or cultural generation, we are all our own people We like to take care of ourselves and feel goodWe worry about our health and that’s why we exercise, we go to the dentist or a nutritionist. In the same way we go to these specialists, you can also do it with your trusted cosmetic doctor.

This campaign is called dynamic beauty Because aesthetic medicine is as dynamic as our life and Adapts to every vital moment and the decisions we make. Forget that a plastic surgeon is just a corrector for wrinkles and blemishes, go further and see her as a A specialist accompanies you In the process of feeling happy and safe and Very proud. And ask him, do not leave doubts, find out.

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And if you don’t have the obvious, dynamic beauty Launch his Instagram profile Tweet embed With the aim of serving as a platform for you to find information, see the results of the work of the best clinics, answer questions about protocols using hyaluronic acid, and discover Latest technology And of course, Share your experiences with your friends.

And don’t forget that hyaluronic acid Teoxane dynamicThanks to its flexibility, it adapts to the dynamics of the face while preserving the features and expression, perfectly merging into the tissues and adapting to the gestures and dynamics of the face.

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From shame to pride

to give increased vision For this campaign, all this month, These famous influencers such as @soylaforterodrifuertessusanamegancarlosoleramosverdeliss or adrianatorrebejano will first tell us what they think about the importance of Get rid of the stickers About aesthetic medicine.

Feeling good about ourselves physically has a direct impact on our mental health and that Does not understand the types. So you already know, Open your mind Because it’s time to welcome natural beauty and start the #dynamic beauty revolution.

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