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Colombian Academy of Exact, Physical, and Natural Sciences | Globalism

The Colombian Academy of Exact, Physical, and Natural Sciences (ACCEFYN) this year celebrates its 85th anniversary, and although its work takes place without much focus on the media, this institution has been key to ensuring that science is positioned in the country as a platform for development. And collective well-being. Under the diligent and commendable supervision of Professor Enrique Forero, the Academy carries out countless activities to promote science, its applications, teaching and dissemination, support networks between scientists and create fields for young people in Colombia, without social discrimination, on the basis of gender or race, venturing into many aspects of scientific research, It is a fundamental pillar for the growth of nations.

Within its missionary goals, the Academy acts as an advisory body to the national government, promotes the enactment of laws in favor of education and the advancement of science, technology and innovation, being a decisive entity in the creation of Minciencias and in the founding of the International Mission of the Wise 2019. The latter, by the way, has developed an exceptional roadmap, and its implementation is necessary to make our society more Equitable and inclusive, with better quality education and greater possibilities for reaching a level close to sustainable development.

ACCEFYN has encouraged in its work the establishment of regional branches, which promoted various knowledge transfer programs, highlighting academic chairs, and spaces for scientific publishing, at all levels, which aim to spread knowledge about every corner of the national geography. The Caribbean has twelve representatives in the academy, and in Cartagena, distinguished professors Luis Caraballo and Leonardo Puerta, two active researchers at the highest level, in addition to their excellent scientific work, have been crucial in promoting scenarios to train new scientists and reduce the social divide that stifles the region.

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Dreaming of a different country is easy, and the difficult thing is building it. However, regardless of the path forward, access to quality education and the true drive for science, technology and innovation is a common node and strategy that we must adhere to to bring about change. We need to involve more children and young people, of any gender, in all regions of the country in scientific processes. This is one of the Academy badges and a way out of our current uncertainty.