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Clarifies the facts in Villa Clara among medical students and PNR agents

Clarifies the facts in Villa Clara among medical students and PNR agents

Testimonies by a teacher and student who witnessed the events illustrate events that took place in Villa Clara County among medical students, of South African origin, with National Revolutionary Police (PNR) agents.

The agency Prensa Latina reported the report by the journalist from the Telecentre Telecentre Yunier Sifonte, who noted that since noon a video clip on social networks showed a group of students from the University of Medical Sciences in a central delineation in a dispute with representatives of the request.

In statements to the reporter, teacher Roselys Vigo explained that since Saturday noon, young people celebrated a birthday, without any difficulty at first, however, in the early hours of Sunday they showed indiscipline contrary to school regulations: they threw cans, they kept loud music and started talking Aloud.

He explained that it was not possible to dialogue with them and we need reinforcements from PNR agents so that we can contain what was happening with verbal aggression, bad words and gestures.

One student witness to the events said that the situation was largely due to alcohol consumption.

The student, of Sahrawi origin, said that there was an imbalance in the attitudes and the authority had to come and talk to them.

However, the morning ended quietly, the officers took two children in poor condition and we returned to school, he said in another video posted on the Facebook account of the Villa Clara reporter.

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