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??  Women should manage more projects.

?? Women should manage more projects.

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Dr. Julia Taguña Barga noted that to achieve equality for women in science, good intentions are not enough, but structural changes are necessary.

The Physics Researcher, winner of the TAWAS Prize 2021 from the World Academy of Sciences, highlighted this during her participation in a symposium organized by the Graduate Studies in Earth Sciences at Cicese.

What I am convinced of is that women’s equality in science requires structural changes. He said that it is not enough to have a good intention, and to wish for better things, but that there must be really fundamental changes??.

to bridge the gap
Speaking at the ‘Women in Science’ symposium, Taguña Parga referred to important dates within the feminist movement, such as March 8 or International Women’s Day, as well as efforts in Mexico, such as the realization of the Science and Technology Act that scientific research should take in Consider a gender perspective.

??What does this mean? This means that we have to look for joint committees. By no means are we saying that the seeker is better or worse, if he is a man or a woman, the quality is given by other kinds of things, but we must have equal sets. Women should have the opportunity to be responsible for projects, to direct laboratories. He explained that there must be equality in this sense??.

Taguña Barga has highlighted the global trend of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, which promotes the teaching of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, for its acronym in English, as pillars of sustainable development and social well-being.

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The goal, he went on, was to encourage girls and boys to give importance to these topics, and consider them an attractive career option.

?? There are many prejudices that we accidentally transmit to children. A girl may think that mathematics is not her thing, when in fact there is an exceptional female mathematics ??

He also highlighted the importance of celebrating February 11, or International Day for Women and Girls in Science, as well as the fact that despite all the developments, according to the Global Gender Report 2020 (of the World Economic Forum), 99.5 years go to “close the gender gap.” in politics, economics, health and education.

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