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Christian Pavon to Cruz Azul?  What is known so far

Christian Pavon to Cruz Azul? What is known so far

Mexico City /

From Argentina, a new chapter of the novel has opened between Christian Pavon and Cruz Azul, where it is stated that there is a possibility that Signature may close this week.

According to the newspaper first, who was quoted by a source within Boca, the cement team He would have agreed to pay 80% of the Forward tranche at a cost of $3.2 millionThis is despite the fact that he will be a free player in six months’ time.

Their source told them that now Pavon should only arrange with Team Cement, because between the clubs “everything is fine”.

The cited version contradicts what was said a few days ago by Fernando Hidalgo, Pavon’s agent, who noted that The cement show was the most interesting for the playerBut he didn’t know more about how he was progressing when the clubs called.

“when blue crossI told them (their leaders) to call Boca, out of respect. I have no more information. I don’t know if it was the topic of the Mexican team or Boca. This was the most important suggestion we made to Pavon, he commented.

Is it worth paying?

Pavon terminated his contractual relationship with Team xeneize in the middle of the year, so he can negotiate with whoever he sees Without having to pay for your token, so the $3.2 million figure mentioned seems high.

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