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Chris Hemsworth reveals his training routine to increase muscle mass

Chris Hemsworth reveals his training routine to increase muscle mass

Chris Hemsworth is a Hollywood actor with a super fit physique. In 2014, People magazine named him the Sexiest Man, and his role as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe puts him in that category. In these and other films, the Australian has revealed his skills, the product of solid training, and his passion for the sport.

Hemsworth often shares his demanding routines on his Instagram account and founded Centrfit, a virtual space for workouts, meditations and recipes to “improve your moves, your food and your mind,” according to the platform’s description.

The Rescue Mission hero recently shared one of his physical activity sessions.

There he is seen doing squats on a bosu, a fitness tool that has a flat platform on one side and a dome-like exercise hemisphere on the other. This element adds more intensity to any exercise and challenges balance, core strength and stability, according to the “La bolsa del corredor” portal. He also uses them to perform “Spider-Man” push-ups, raising his legs to elbow height.

He practices punches with a punching bag, followed by pull-ups, which are exercises that help build the muscles of the back, chest and arms. He finishes his routine with a basic activation: While lying down, he raises his leg against the arm holding the ball.

The short video has more than 2 million likes and 13,000 comments, highlighting the actor’s physical condition and training. It is a series of exercises with which the actor works different muscle groups, such as the abdomen, legs, back, chest and arms, recommended for those with an advanced level of training.

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