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Chiquis Rivera gives Anna Barbara a massive boost and brings her out of the forum: VIDEO

Chiquis Rivera gives Anna Barbara a massive boost and brings her out of the forum: VIDEO

Singer Ana Brbara And the daughter of the late Jenny RiveraAnd the Shekis, Share offline forum Enrolling in the “I have a lot of talent” program. Recently, in a video posted on Tik Tok You can see how giving the 35-year-old gives the Mexican a massive boost.

The Videos On the popular social network it is becoming more and more popular every day, there are many celebrities who already have their official accounts sharing content to thousands or millions of followers, as is the case with Ana BrbaraThe next one comes with 6.4 million fans.

Chiquis Rivera gives Anna Barbara a massive boost

The interpreter of songs like “Lo Busqu” and “Bandido” is very active on her social networks and recently she has shown several clips on her social networks, like the one she shared this Tuesday where she was seen talking to her. Shekis Who gives A massive boost.

But it was all a joke from the singers who took advantage of the platforms to show the good relationship they had with the program in which both of the referees work, along with the presenter and singer “Don Chito”, who is originally from Mexico but has lived in the United States for many years.

Chickis and Anna Barbara share the forum

Estrella TV has started a new season of I Have Talent competition, Mucho Talent, which in its 2021 edition will focus on the influence of Latinas in the entertainment world, which will be contested only by women.

Singer-songwriter Chiquis and Ana Brbara have been part of the program which is one of the oldest Latin TV shows in the United States. The new season, which began airing on March 29, is the twenty-fourth season.

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The artists enjoy being a part of the program. Photo: Private