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Jess Veshamba's daughter requests a prayer chain for her father;  Singer in induced coma |  People |  entertainment

Jess Veshamba’s daughter requests a prayer chain for her father; Singer in induced coma | People | entertainment

His daughter, Maria José Vichamba, said: “You must pray and ask God to take you from your place and to improve.”

Around 18:00 Jesus Veshamba It was taken from Municipal Hospital Bicentennial From Guayaquil to Teodoro Maldonado Carbo, Because of his critical health.

Jes Veshamba is hospitalized due to COVID-19; Gustavo Pacheco asks you to join the prayer for his health

His daughter Maria Jose VechambaHe confirmed to this newspaper that his father was transferred to this health center, where he suffers from an induced coma, after his health deteriorated in the Bicentennial Hospital, where he was admitted hours earlier.

“You have to pray and ask God to take you out of your place and get better. She is in critical condition at the moment.”His daughter said, from outside the hospital in the south of the city.

During the afternoon the word spread about Veshamba’s death, so Gustavo PachecoA musician and a friend of the artist recorded a video denying what social media had indicated.

“The news that Veshamba is dead is not true, he was admitted to Teodoro Maldonado an hour ago (video was shared around 6:50 pm), and I’m here with his two daughters who are intubating him, so let’s just wait for your prayers. That’s it. Thanks.” , The artist also said.

According to Pacheco, Veshamba has been fighting COVID-19 for two weeks, during which time he provided improvement and recovery; But his health regressed again about four days ago. So they and one of Veshamba’s daughters did the paperwork to get him into the hospital. “When I got out of the hospital, he came to see me with open arms and tears in his eyes. The least I could do was return this affection for years.”

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“We have to continue the struggle, just as we fought on stage for the audience’s applause, to please them, for the name of our country; now in the hospital bed, you also have to keep fighting.”He added in statements he made this afternoon.

Jesus Vichamba represented Ecuador in 1985 at the OTI de la Canción in Spain, where he won second place with his traditional interpretation of the language Neither Pinta, nor Niña and Santa Maria. An experience Pacheco was a part of as well, directing an orchestra of 47 musicians.

I take this opportunity to ask all of Ecuador to pray for Jesus Vichamba, as well as for others who also need prayer“Happy Pacheco. (I)