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“My family was tested and they were all dead doing their job just as I will”: story that went viral on the internet

“My family was tested and they were all dead doing their job just as I will”: story that went viral on the internet

Humane Society International A video clip was released that went viral on the Internet on Tuesday. Short touches even the most difficult of hearts, as long as she focuses her attention for a moment on her hero, Rabbit “narrates his experience on a working day.” What does a furry animal do?

Ralph, the star of this video is no ordinary bunny. This long-eared friend tells his experience as a “test bunny,” the kind that some companies use to test products they put on the market, to make sure that their ingredients or their amount aren’t harmful to human health.

“I am blind in my right eye and because of this ear I hear nothing,” Ralph began his introduction.

“I shaved the skin with burning chemicals on my back and some other stings, but it’s not a big problem, I mean, it hurts when I breathe or move, but at the end of the day it’s okay. We do it for humans, they are much better than animals,” he continues in his presentation.

Humane Society International shared this briefing to raise people’s awareness and ask them to avoid consuming as much animal-tested products as possible, which undergo painful tests that affect their health and in many cases affect their lives.

The rabbit’s story continues to “tell” that it belongs to a family of “testers” (animals that were used to test products).

“My father was a tester, my mother, my brothers, my sisters, my children. All the testers and all of them died doing their work, like I do,” he said to the camera while eating breakfast before leaving for a working day.

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Finally, the character who stole the hearts of so many ended up with a direct message to thousands of people, thanking them, ironically, for consuming animal-tested products because without them “he wouldn’t have a job”. These words are pronounced among the pain complaints from a procedure just introduced.

“I’d just like to say to everyone who still buys animal-tested cosmetics like eyeliner, shampoo, sunscreen, and pretty much everything in your bathroom … well, without you I’d be out of work.”


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