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‘Children are in a very ugly situation’

thefor a family Gerrard Pique Still experiencing a break between the Colombian and the former Barcelona player. And according to what was announced by journalist Sandra Aladro on El programa de Ana Rosa.She had wanted to leave for a long time, and she didn’t leave because of her father, but this is what Pique and his family also want him to arrive now. They’ve exhausted themselves, and obviously that’s going to happen and they have the ability to fly to Miami to see these kids.”

In addition, the journalist emphasized that the situation between the former spouses is still very bad and hurts the commonalities of the spouses: “The relationship and the tension are such that they think that the best remedy is that the sooner the transition takes place. The better it will be for everyone … Now the children are in a very ugly situationWe will miss little Milan and Sasha, but the situation is unbearable…everyone knows that.

As reported by El Periódico, Shakira’s move to Miami is imminent:The singer plans to move to the American city on April 1 To take advantage of the school holidays spent by American students during those days. The singer plans to move to the American city on April 1 to take advantage of the school holidays that American students spend during those days.

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