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Chapman's Fastest Pitch of the Year

Chapman’s Fastest Pitch of the Year

NEW YORK – Cuba’s Aroldis Chapman found extra momentum in the ninth game of Saturday’s game, blasting a 103.4-mph sprint to pass athletics Matt Chapman to take the final. Yankees win 7-5. It was the fastest show ever in the majors this year.

“Chapman was putting in a really good show today,” Yankees coach Aaron Boone said. “They are credited with making good metamorphoses, but how nice to see ‘Chappie’ find shape again.”

Boone had to watch the last one out of TV, after being sent off for arguing with balls and hits, following the run the Cuban gave Marc Kanha.

Jade Lowry then missed a fly ball, but Matt Olson shot one in the four and Ramon Laureano led in one run. Chapman, who had already gotten into the game, came along.

Chapman hit an empty Fastball swing at 101.1 mph and then again let go at 100.8 in the second stroke.

“He’s been doing it for 10 years. The Venezuelan, athletics player Elvis Andros admitted it’s never an easy turn. “The ball comes in fast, so it’s very difficult to swing well.”

The 103.4 mph fastball for the third hit was the fastest cuban throw since July 2, 2018, and the fastest to complete the hit in majors since Jordan Hicks threw one at 104.2 mph on April 21, 2019.

It was Chapman’s fastest pitch since the 2017 Wild Card game, when Jorge Polanco cheered at 103.7 mph.