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Changing philology to chemistry to ‘guarantee a future job’

The first definition given by RAE to the word future is: “what is to come”. What is better than asking college students in the sciences and the arts, what it means to them what is to come when they finish their undergraduate studies. To summarize: those who chose science had higher chances of finding a job in the short term than those who chose letters.

by. Victoria Lopez Fernandez Sisma

University of Salamanca students.

The Anaya Palace houses Philosophy, Philosophy, in the same square, Translation and Interpretation, … And almost next door, Geography and History Students asked to talk about an existing profession, they study “literature” professions because they are passionate about these subjects.

So, Paula Hernandez She had dreamed of being a speech therapist since she was young, and believes she will get a job once she finishes her degree.

University of Salamanca students.

Translation and interpretation student Andrea Amando doesn’t think she’ll be able to work immediately after completing her degree, but as she says, “I’ll try because the job of a translator is mainly freelancing.”

For its part in the Faculty of Geography and History, Candela Martin A humanities student says he “will not get a job when he finishes his degree.” I will apply to become a teacher.” And, Laura Gonzalezan art history student, decided to choose the profession because of her passion for the subject in high school, and says that to work on her own she has to “get a master’s degree and major.”

Usal University.

In the College of Sciences, the link between university students in arts and sciences Diego Rodriguez who left philology to study chemistry. “I left philology because I preferred to secure a job in the future.”

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Thus, on science campuses, the discourse about whether or not to find a job at the end of a degree is changing. Sergio is closed, a computer engineering student, decided to study this profession because her father told her that she had “many opportunities”. your partner Angel Torres He asserts that he chose computer science because his cousin studied it and got a job “before he finished it.”

University of Salamanca students.

Finally, chemistry students love it Cristina Blanco and Pablo Alvarez They chose the profession because they know full well that “they’ll get a job when they’re done, in a company,” they concluded.