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Best note in MIR

Raquel Romero didn’t choose a major, and if she stayed on the island, she would choose Son Espases

Raquel Romero (Palma, 1998) He was awarded the highest first class degree from Doctors from UIB Faculty of Medicine Of the 12,668 applicants statewide, 47 remained for the MIR position. This position guarantees him a choice in a specialty that he so desires, but which, oddly enough, he is not clear about. Among his options he is considering dermatology, anesthesiology and hematology, and if he stays in the Balearic Islands, he will do so in Son Espases. In his favor not only plays the note; With the current shortage of professionals, any option in the public system is welcome.

Romero will start the MIR exhibition this year although not everything in this group is about festivities,” residents say. We have a training contract, we are there to learnBut as things stand now we are an essential part, without us there are jobs that would not be done. It shouldn’t be like that because in the end we learn,” he criticizes. “In addition, after seven years of study, a first-year resident without guards earns about 1,100 euros,” he adds.

She is vengeful, a quality that she probably inherited from her father (General Secretary of the Federation of the Balearic Islands, Miguel Ángel Romero) or also because “in high school you don’t know much about these things but when you enter the profession and you know the working conditions it demoralizes you a bit, really”. Raquel Romero defends that the salary is good but he confirms it “People don’t know what it means to work 24 hours straight at the service of people”.

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When asked about the flight of toilets, “I think most of us have a chance to work in the public health field, and after a few years I complete it with private toilets, but I also heard people want to go abroad. In Germany they charge three times as much.” The solution is clear to Romero If working conditions were better, they would not have left. At least they should be identical.” After all, he asserts, the majority do not go to another country for pleasure. He believes that problems in medicine are exacerbated when it comes to the family specialty as “if circumstances change, they will choose it more.” He warns that “this In the end it is very professional but it is still a job.” In addition to the major he will choose, Romero has research or teaching on the horizon, “I think everything can be integrated even if it is complex.”

Regarding the MIR test, which type of MIR was given priority in its selection, «The seven months were the worst of the continuous study“, Confirms. He concludes, “It’s similar to some oppositions but we don’t get to a public place for life but a few years of training, and then we don’t know what will happen.”


“The choice of venue must be made live.”