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Carmen Villalobos has the most original bikini of the season for its romantic and elegant design

Carmen Villalobos has the most original bikini of the season for its romantic and elegant design

Celebrities are making the most of the last rays of sunshine with Entering autumn And visit paradise destinations dressed in their best like never before. Beach clothes. Just like what happened with the actress carmen Villalobos, Which showed her enviable figure delicately and romantically Pink swimsuit Which makes it one of the best clothes in season.

“What a nice way to end this Saturday.”. Remember that happiness is not a goal, it is a lifestyle and your own decision. “My beautiful people are loved” is the message in it Actress, 40 years oldHe was accompanied by a series of postcards in which he appears standing from the pool and wearing a luxurious black mask from the French fashion house. Christian Dior.

Carmen Villalobos in a romantic pink bikini. Photo: IGcvillaloboss

actress “Women’s Perfume Coffee” On Netflix, she also drew sighs with swimsuits that are as authentic in their design as they are futuristic in influence, all without detracting from the romantic and elegant touch that Villalobos tried to maintain through the collection’s tones. he Classic triangle bikini – The hallmark of the ensemble that the hostess also owns – but highlights her enviable figure thanks to her Brazilian style.

For a more feminine style, Carmen Villalobos She accompanied the swimsuit with a tight pink dress that fit her figure perfectly. The dress has a clear neckline at the back, which adds an aesthetic touch sensuality What distinguishes it greatly is that there is a slight opening at the bottom that provides comfort when walking and is ideal Hot days.

Carmen Villalobos exudes elegance in a tight pink dress. Photo: IGcvillaloboss

Romantic style bikini from Carmen Villalobos

the pastel tones, Pink, purple, white, lilac and light blue are perfect for those who want Sophisticated, elegant and romantic style During your beach vacation. If these are added Floral prints You’ll get the perfect outfit to steal the show while highlighting your personality and body. Skin tanning process This is thanks to the fact that colors give more importance to the natural features of the skin.

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Carmen Villalobos’s feminine look during her vacation. Photo: IGcvillaloboss

A good example of this is the bikini that Carmen Villalobos wore during it holidays in puerto rico, Well, the actress wore a delicate outfit Triangle design And the neckline is deep in color Vibrant pink Which is accompanied by a floral print in beige colors that form a perfect harmony. And complete it with hat And mermaid-shaped waves in her hair.

This season Blue was one of my favouritesIt enhances the swimsuit thanks to the romantic, elegant and tender look that it provides only through the tone. If you complete it with ruffles you will get the perfect feminine look and this is what it showed. Carmen Villalobos With a bikini in which she showed these small details on the edges of the bra and in the cut of the bottom of her clothes.

Carmen Villalobos blue swimsuit. Photo: IGcvillaloboss

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