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The five banks that Hondurans would prefer to save

The five banks that Hondurans would prefer to save

Businesses and individuals have 15 commercial banks in Honduras to save their money. Each banking institution has launched innovative strategies for financial users to open accounts with simpler procedures reflected in each bank’s balances.

Given the importance of saving in the national economy and being a source of financing for the economy, Diario LA PRENSA analyzed the ranking of the National Banking and Insurance Commission (CNBS), which publishes the balances of the first quarter of 2024, with an interest in knowing which banking institutions depositors prefer to store their money.

According to the position of the commercial banking system, Atlantida is the bank with the largest number of deposits, having accumulated 121,047.2 million lempiras as of last March, representing 19.92% of the total balance.

Second place corresponds to Ficohsa with 100,352.3 million lempiras and a share of 16.52 points.

From third to fifth place come BAC with 99,275.2 million lempiras (16.34%), Al Gharbiya with 98,164.9 million liras (16.16%) and Banbay with 66,685.5 million lempiras (10.97%).

The five aforementioned banks concentrate 79.79% of public deposits, accumulating 485,525.1 million lempiras as of Q1 2024.

The remaining ten private banks recorded 121,930.5 million lempiras of deposits, equivalent to 20.21%. in it First quarter 2023-2024, The balance of bank deposits rose from 543,422.9 to 607,455.6 million lempiras, according to the National Bureau of Statistics, an annual increase of 64,032.7 million, equivalent to 11.78 points.

According to the National Banking and Insurance Commission, private banking institutions operating in Honduras registered 8,587,380 savings accounts as of the first quarter of this year, 509,717 call accounts, and 56,369 term accounts.

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According to the institution, Atlantida Bank There were 1,040,743 savings accounts, 324,970 demand accounts, and 6,473 term accounts as of last March. Ficohsa has 945,856 savings accounts, 20,715 call accounts, and 5,949 time accounts.

BAC reported 1,349,413 savings accounts, 30,683 call accounts, and 4,833 term accounts. The West has 1,358,539 savings accounts, 26,080 call accounts, and 13,311 time accounts. Banpaís registers 1,199,115 savings accounts, 39,732 call accounts and 5,065 time accounts.