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Camaguean teachers exchanged knowledge

Camaguean teachers exchanged knowledge

CAMAGUEY. Promoting interest in educational sciences and exchanging experiences in order to raise the quality of teaching and research are among the main objectives of the regional event Pedagogy 2023, Which meets today as a prelude to the international conference that will be based in Havana from January 30 to February 3.

About 150 teachers of various educational levels gathered in the province Nicholas Guillen Batista Pedagogical School To share practices of responsible coexistence, systemic work, and challenges in social and educational inclusion and soft skills.

During the inaugural conference delivered by Ms. S. Mercedes Escurido Olzabal, Sector Director of Camaguey, emphasized the responsibility to advance the improvement of the faculty through scientific paths, since it is necessary to educate through science, research, innovation and educational projects; As well as ensuring comprehensive and equitable quality education, with lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Among the investigations uncovered at work on the committees was that of Ms. S. Julian Luis Fernandez Sosa, methodologist from the Primary Education Department of the Provincial Directorate of Education. A booklet of activities aimed at promoting the value of dignity from the environmental dimension.

“They are various activities ranging from text analysis to crossword puzzles and word search puzzles, which pass through the three levels of cognitive functioning and can be used by teachers in classes of different disciplines inside and outside the classroom, as well as by teaching assistants.

by Doctor of Educational Sciences Angel Luis Gómez Cardoso, member of the Center for the Study of Educational Sciences at university of camagüey, The works presented at the meeting have an impact on the quality of the services provided, which can be seen in the students’ own use and in the teacher’s performance. It is also an opportunity for professors who are in doctoral training to share their research.

“There can be no class in which science is not applied because it plays a fundamental role in all sectors. We are actively involved in continuing to enhance the training of these doctors, because to the extent that our teachers acquire a higher standard, this will have an impact on the quality of the teaching and learning process.”

Among the relevant works on this day, those that will represent the territory at the international event will be selected.

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