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Acuerdo para que la facultad de Medicina de Baleares ofrezca 9 plazas más el próximo curso

An agreement for the Balearic Islands Medical College to offer 9 more places for the next academic year

There appears to be an agreement between the chaplain from UIB and the Ministries of European Funds, University, Culture and Health to take advantage of the possibility of increasing the academic supply of medical school by 15% next year to try to alleviate the partial shortage of doctors. that the country is suffering.

on condition Immediately The Faculty of Medicine of the Balearic Islands offers 60 places per coursean increase of 15% in the same proportion would mean 9 more places, although the sources consulted do not exclude the final approval of a real increase of ten To be able to offer approximately 70 in the next academic year.

Recently, the Ministry of Universities confirmed that it will bear an increase of up to 15% in the places offered for the medical degree without the need to amend the study plan for the academic year 2023-24.

The proposal will be so advanced that the Ministry of Finance is already working to include a provision in the budget aimed at making it possible to expand places in the medical degree and confirmed that “there will be resources” for this. For his part, given the suspicions that both of them showed National Conference of Deans of Schools of Medicine (CNDFM).) In addition to the State Council of Medical Students (CEEM), the ministry run by Joanne Sobierates “guarantees” that the educational quality of these studies is maintained.

Josep Lluís Pons, General Director of University Policyasserted that there had already been meetings to this effect between them, and between the university and the Servei de Salut itself, which he mentions is the body that guarantees the practical training of university studies and that must ensure the continuation of its lending with an increase in students.

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‘An opportunity to grow’

Ponce estimates that “we should be able to increase our existing academic offer of medical studies through these nine places,” adding that “This is a great opportunity for us. Right now, I only see this potential as an opportunity for growth.”

The Director General of University Policy made only one complaint, which is the difficulty and procedures that must be overcome to obtain accredited professors to teach these studies.

“They ask you to publish a series of scientific articles and let’s not forget that they specialize in medicine and have many other career opportunities that are higher paying than teaching, not to mention that an academic life will force them to work hard,” he admitted.

The Ministry of Health confirmed that they are waiting to receive official confirmation from the Federation of International Industries And a meeting with the president of the university and with the college itself to “begin identifying options for this expansion in places that we’ve already formally requested.”

Despite the clear opposition of the deans of medical schools to this proposed expansion from Madrid, The deputy dean of the Balearic College of Medicine, Margalida Gili, considered that this extension would not cause major problems. Although the nuances.

Harder than sixth grade

“We wouldn’t have any problem increasing those nine places,” he began, “at least as far as theoretical classes are concerned, so this extension will not be a problem until the fifth year.” Deputy Dean.

Another thing will be in the sixth year, the last of these studies before taking the Mir exam to obtain a medical specialty after another four or five years of residency depending on the complexity of the chosen specialty.

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“In the sixth year it will be more difficult for us,” the deputy dean warned, noting that in the last academic year students would no longer go to classes but would “take turns. They go to various services in hospitals and health centers and must be given training and advice by their teachersAs is the case with training interns.”

But since it is the sixth and final course, there is room for more active doctors to meet the requirements for expanding the cadre of both associate professors or associate professors for these studies, considered my generation, who stressed that this expansion of nine or ten positions will begin in the first year of undergraduate studies and will be gradually extended to the rest of the degree years.

Although she was not the interlocutor, Margalida Geli is aware that the Rector of the University of Balearic, Jaume Carrot, would have asked the opinion of the Dean of Medicine on this extension before starting the whole process, which is still inconclusive, and that his response is affirmative, concluded the Vice-Dean, stressing that Administrative decision of this magnitude rests with the University’s Governing Council, a body made up of Carrott himself as well as other Vice Deans. .