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Bureau of Communications summons Liberty to hearing to investigate AT&T customer migration

Bureau of Communications summons Liberty to hearing to investigate AT&T customer migration

he Communications Office (NET) of the Public Service Regulatory Board to hold a hearing to investigate the migration of AT&T customers to… freedomAfter completing the purchase of its assets.

In addition to Liberty representatives, the Office of Independent Consumer Protection (OIPC) has also been requested to represent affected customers.

The hearing is scheduled for February 28, at 10:00 a.m., in the Council Hearing Room in Santurce.

“We have decided to summon Liberty Mobile to an investigative hearing so that it can be held accountable and address the situations consumers face in the immigration process.”she expressed Ferdinand Ramos Sogardinterim president of NET, in a press release.

As reported, NET will seek to know how management was before and after the migration, how many customers were affected, and appropriate notification to consumers who used Liberty before and after the migration. They will also hear about the corrective actions taken by the company, if there is any mitigation plan and compensation to consumers for damages.

Likewise, the office asked Liberty to report whether it extended credits to its clients in San Juan, Trujillo Alto, and the Carolinas for the project. The internet service outage they experienced occurred on December 9, 2023, when more than 28,000 consumers lacked service for 12 hours. If any credit is given, the agency will ask you to explain how it was given.

One of the problems that people faced was interrupted service, whether calls, text messages, or Internet access data. Likewise, they have experienced the inability to use roaming services when outside Puerto Rico, among other issues.

NET reportedly declared Liberty Mobile's request to deny the investigation request “unacceptable.”