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BUAZ offers an option for rejected applicants in the health sciences

BUAZ offers an option for rejected applicants in the health sciences

For the 2023-2024 academic year, Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas (BUAZ) has rejected just over 1,500 young people, however, the institution has announced the opening of 622 places for rejected students in programs in the field of health sciences, in such a way that they can enter related jobs in the field of engineering or Basic sciences.

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Armando Flores de la Torre, coordinator of the Department of Health Sciences at BUAZ, stated that there are 240 places available for academic programs in health sciences; 277 spaces for engineering and technology and 105 spaces for basic sciences.

According to him, 240 spaces in health sciences are in public health, chemistry, and pharmaceutical biology programs, among others, while in engineering and technology, the options are mechanics, automotive electronics, computing, chemistry in food, environmental science, chemical engineering , biomedical engineering, mechatronics, among others.

In terms of basic sciences, the job openings are in biology, applied science, environment and conservation, mathematics, physics, and water science and technology.

Flores de la Torre reported that the goal was to “not close the doors” of the university to any young person who wanted to pursue higher education and was not accepted into the academic program that he had as his first choice in the field of health sciences.

In this way, he said, the university upholds its commitment to society, by virtue of offering a new opportunity to young people who were not initially accepted into health sciences options.

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He explained that these young people did not have bad results in the entrance exams, nor are they students who do not have sufficient knowledge, rather they were not accepted due to the high level of competition enjoyed by some professions.

Flores de la Torre noted that there is no possibility of admitting more students into health sciences programs because “infrastructure, clinical fields and proven physical capacity limit us.”

However, he emphasized that the institution is making a great effort so that more young people can enroll in higher education, and for this, 622 places will be opened in professions related to health sciences.

In addition, he indicated that the integrative semester will be implemented, the specificity of which is that the student will not obtain a certain degree, but will be included in a program in which there is a dropout.