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BUAP offers postgraduate courses from the Faculty of Communication Sciences

Director of the Faculty of Communication Sciences at the Autonomous University of Puebla (BUAP), Angelica Mendieta Rodríguez, presented a master’s degree in communication, a doctorate in communication, a master’s degree in image and production studies, and a specialization in communication at the University of Puebla. Sciences; The university advances innovation and contributes to social and technological impact.

“The difference between these postgraduate courses is that the science communication major is the first in terms of this approach and is interdisciplinary; and the subject matter of image and production studies, such as the Ph.D. Science can be done by scientists from the exact sciences, from the economic sphere, etc.

In a press conference, it was highlighted that each field of knowledge, such as education and political communication, in organizations and social, with a focus on gender, in terms of sustainability, among others, can present their information in a better way through the various tools that Provided by means of communication and audiovisual media, in order to make a better impact and achieve rapprochement with the community.

He explained that for the first time a doctorate in communication organized by BUAP is being implemented, and that specialization in scientific communication is at the national level through which scientific, technological, social and human developments can be disseminated.

Highlighted by data from the National Council for Science and Technology (CONACET), Mendieta Rodríguez is among 76 researchers currently developing 664 research, innovation and technology development projects in 132 institutions with a presence in 32 states of the Mexican Republic.

The cost of a semester is 6,000 pesos per Master or PhD and registration will be open until June 2 of the current year, to start on August 7.

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