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Blockstream CEO steps down to focus on El Salvador's 'Bitcoin nation-state'

Blockstream CEO steps down to focus on El Salvador’s ‘Bitcoin nation-state’

Samson Mow was in charge of a blockchain technology company and worked for several months on the potential placement of Bitcoin bonds in the country.

The CEO (CEO) of tech firm Blockstream Samson Mow, who has worked at that Canadian company for five years, will leave this position to devote himself entirely to the adoption of what he calls a “Bitcoin nation-state” project in the person who has been advising Najib Bukil’s government.

“Today is my last day with Blockstream. Working with @adam3us (Adam Back) has been an amazing adventure for the past 5 years and together we have accomplished a lot of side chains to mining to satellite. What next? I plan to focus on #Bitcoin adoption – the country Nationalism!” Mow wrote on his official Twitter account.

Mow is the one who has been advising the Bukele government in recent months for a Bitcoin bond offering, which is supposed to be launched on March 15 with the goal of raising $1.5 billion in funding. Mow became known in November of last year, when they and Bukele announced the creation of a “Bitcoin City” and the launch of Bitcoin bonds, at the conclusion of Bitcoin Week.

Company That Will Issue Bitcoin Bonds Announces New Cryptocurrency Law in El Salvador

“With everything happening at the speed of light in El Salvador, and more and more countries interested in embracing #Bitcoin, I find that my time every day is no longer enough,” he explained Tuesday in a Twitter thread discussing his reasons. to leave the company.

Since last year, Mow has been one of the bitcoiners closest to Bukele who, along with other crypto enthusiasts like Max Keizer and his wife, Stacy Herbert, have toured the country. On one occasion, the government provided helicopters for bitcoin customers to visit Conchagua, in La Union, where the “Bitcoin City” would be built. They were also considered special guests at the plenary sessions of the Legislative Assembly and they met the Minister of Finance, Alejandro Zelaya.

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It was Mao who announced last January that the government was working on the Digital Securities Act, a legal tool that would regulate the issuance of bitcoin bonds.

Mow and Bukele participated in the Bitcoin Week finale last November, an event where the creation of Bitcoin City was also announced. Photo: Twitter / Press Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic

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Who is Samson Maw?

According to the specialized cryptocurrency broker, Criptonoticias, Samson Mow is a video game developer who has led the product launches and expansion of important companies in this field such as Ubisoft.

In 2017, he joined Blockstream as Head of Strategy. “This company is one of the most well-known companies in the Bitcoin ecosystem, having developed products such as the Liquid Secondary Network, Blockstream Satellite, or the Lightning Network software client, c-lightning,” says Criptonoticias.

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