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Belinda: What do her parents do |  Belinda Schull |  Ignacio Peregrine |  Celebrities from Mexico |  nnda-nnlt |  Offers

Belinda: What do her parents do | Belinda Schull | Ignacio Peregrine | Celebrities from Mexico | nnda-nnlt | Offers

Fighting in social networks between and the It never stops letting go of supplements. The revelation that the Mexican regional music singer has confirmed that his ex-girlfriend’s mother has dedicated herself to making the most of her daughter’s fame has the entertainment world looking at the personal story of Belinda Schul and Ignacio Peregrine. , the parents of the actress are “accomplices to the rescue”; Therefore, the question of who the parents are Climbed to the fore.

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Job , on Instagram, in which he says that “the world is full of people who want to collect fruit from trees they have never planted or taken care of before” reached the eyes and ears of the translator “I forgot”, whose controversial release. on Twitter.

Twenty years he reaps the fruits of his daughter until he leaves her with nothing. Leave me alone, I’m recovering. I don’t bother them, I don’t even claim my credits in songs or in life. Everything that happens beautiful deserves it as it costs me. When you’re tired of giving, it’s all over.”, he tweeted. The question is fixed in the first sentence in more than one question, if it is true that her mother – and thus her father as well – devoted herself to profiting from the fame of her daughter, How do they make a living, Belinda Schull and Ignacio Peregrine.

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So the singer hit back at mother Belinda (Image: Christian Nodal/Twitter)

What do Belinda’s parents do?

Belinda’s parents carried out various activities throughout their lives, but the main profession of both was the production of artists who formed as a result of the success of their daughter, a project that, as far as is known, went well for them.

Ignacio Peregrín is a physician of a wide profession, who has devoted himself not only to the practice of medicine, but also to doing business with him: he has devoted himself to the sale of medical supplies, a business which he has not done poorly, but for whose sake he has been viewed with suspicion by his family and mother, as it was said His dealings were not entirely clear.

For her part, Belinda Schull has not known her job since before her daughter entered the art world, but it is known that she was the main promoter and manager of the “Bella del Sabito” singer. She has accompanied her to every audition, presentation and concert she has had.

As a result of these experiences and Belinda’s achievements, both parents decided to create the production company Joy Music Entertainment, which deals not only with professional logistics for their daughter, but also represents other artistic talents.

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What did Christian Nodal say after revealing Belinda’s conversation?

When responding to Belinda’s mother with a tweet – in which she said she dedicated herself to capitalizing on her daughter’s success – Christian Nodal attached a WhatsApp conversation with Belinda when they were still a couple, in which the singer is seen asking for money to go to the dentist. That screenshot also sparked a lot of controversy.

In another tweet, Nodal explained his reasons for posting that photo. “It’s not about money, it’s about constantly trying to influence. Even success doesn’t do any good in leaving me alone. All that was missing was that push they gave me so that I could finally decide what to do”The singer who revealed that before taking any action, he reached out to Belinda wrote: “Yes I did, I called him several times. I wrote to him and nothing changed.wrote elsewhere in this tweet.

When Everything Was Happiness Between Belinda and Christian Nodal (Photo: Grupo Expansión)
When Everything Was Happiness Between Belinda and Christian Nodal (Photo: Grupo Expansión)

Who is Belinda Schull?

Belinda Schul She is of French and Spanish descent, and is the daughter of a famous French bullfighter Pierre Scholl Based on Joanna Moreno. When Belinda’s maternal grandfather He retired from the world of bullfighting and married the Spanish Joanna Moreno and they had their first daughter together, Belinda Scholl Morenoin France in 1964.

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