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Belinda forces her father to eat Maruchan soup, but something happens that changes everything.

The relationship between Belinda Her father Ignacio Peregrine is very good, the artist has shared on several occasions how compatible they are, but this time things did not go as planned by the singer, who wanted her father to try a popular fast soup.

Through her Instagram Stories, Belinda has shared a series of videos in which she insists her dad try the famous Maruchan soup, and although her dad would have done it at first, everything changes when she questions the origin of said soup. It was believed to be a Mexican product.

When they tell him that the soup is not made in Mexico, but in the United States, he is disappointed and refuses to try it, causing Belinda to taunt, who insists on trying it, however, he can’t convince his father who asks him to stop recording it.

Of course, the translator of “Bella’s Betrayal” is happy with her father’s devotion to Mexico.

“I’ve never met someone as loyal to Mexico as my father.”

Belinda recently forced her mother to ride a rollercoaster at Disney, but her mother suffered from the experience and scolded her daughter; Everything was recorded on video. Now, Belinda humorously admits that her parents no longer trust her.


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