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Spotify honors Daddy Yankee with a statue in the Chilean capital

Spotify honors Daddy Yankee with a statue in the Chilean capital

Santiago Chile. – Music Heritage Daddy Yankee Not only has it been recorded by the hundreds of songs that have accompanied him in his more than three-decade career, but in this Chilean capital, his character has been immortalized with the unveiling today of a statue in the National Stadium, where he now has a record of three sold-out concerts. On Thursday, at the end of the concert series, the statue will be permanently placed in a metro station where between 80,000 and 100,000 people commute daily.

The statue is a tribute to the digital platform Spotify, whose data indicates that Chile is the third country in the world where the music of the Puerto Rican reggaeton star is listened to. The first is the United States and the second, Mexico. Santiago, specifically, is the city where “Big Boss” sounds the most loud on the planet.

Once the black curtain that covered the surprise was lifted, Daddy Yankee took a few seconds to watch the statue perpetuate him with his signature urban casual look, glasses, Legendaddy jacket, track pants and tennis. The statue was created by an Argentine company, and it has been said without further ado.

“Wow,” the urban music star responded to continue paying tribute to the work in his honor. “Awesome. I like.” “The love I feel for Chile is known to the world; they know that I have always lived in gratitude for this land and how important it is to me and how important it is to the growth of this species.”She stood out with a diverse look through modern black sunglasses from Prada.

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The 46-year-old artist and producer thanked the support he has received from this South American country since his first visit. “It surprised me, since I first got here, that they listened to us here, it was such an incredible emotion, I didn’t know it, and then learned of the love and affection they have towards us. For us Puerto Ricans, Chile is very important. The union is already called Chile Requa, already love is permanent‘, he confirmed.

Fans are waiting outside the stadium for tonight’s concert.

(Vanessa Sierra Diaz)

Daddy Yankee kicks off a series of concerts this Tuesday in this arena, where he now holds the record for the first artist with three sold-out shows, so it’s estimated that around 190,000 Chileans will see their idol in the urban genre bid farewell. Local media refer to this event as a historic event.

The euphoria of the Chilean fans is reflected in multiple ways. Last Monday, hundreds of fans were waiting outside the hotel as “Jasolina” voted and as soon as he came out to say hello, he lost his restraint. The crowd broke down the security fences, and they managed to approach the artist, who was then guarded by security and immediately removed from the scene.

“It is very exciting that Chile has always treated me with such great affection from day one. I feel the same way. I feel it is the first time I have come to the country, it is my first concert, and I am so happy,” he said.

Chilean fans who managed to get tickets to see the “Last Return” tour show left with a promise: “We will break everything wholeheartedly and spend unforgettable moments.” Production company Bizarro indicated that more than one million people were cut from the three jobs.

The rooting of urban music in this country has given rise to a new generation of talent, just as it has done elsewhere in the world. In that youth, “Big Boss” is confident in the continuity of the music he has championed for more than three decades.

Father arrives to check the sound.
Father arrives to check the sound.

(Vanessa Sierra Diaz)

“Let them continue. I am very proud of what they do, and it is good that a place is opened for artists here, who are advancing strongly and growing. I hope they collect the trophies tomorrow, fill these courts and you (the audience) continue to enjoy this music,” he noted before riding a golf cart into the course for a sound check, because this week Puerto Rican reggaeton is what sets the pace in this city.