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Baxter is investing $30 million in the search for energy independence at its island operations

Baxter is investing $30 million in the search for energy independence at its island operations

Pharmaceutical company Baxter invested $30 million to acquire it Three natural gas cogeneration systems For its stations in Ibonito, Java and soon Guayama, in order to achieve independence from the electrical grid and guarantee the continuity of its operations in cases of emergency or the ravages of weather phenomena.

The announcement was made Thursday at the plant in Ibonito, where Governor Pedro Pierluisi and Secretary of the Department of Economic Development and Trade (DDEC), Manuel Cedri, highlighted the importance of companies of Baxter’s class – which employ about 2,800 Puerto Ricans. Reikiians – have “energy flexibility.”

With the new cogeneration system, Baxter will produce 4.1 megawatts, which is much more than what is consumed in the city of Ibonito, the CEO confirmed. In addition, he stated that in the event of an emergency, the pharmaceutical company will have the energy to continue its operations without interruption for two weeks.

“The development of these projects is a great example of how our management is a facilitator and friend for the development and strengthening of our production companies in Puerto Rico,” Pierluisi said, noting that the pharmaceutical company benefited from a $10 million efficiency and innovation program. Incentive Program: Energy Reliability under the Economic Incentive Fund to support the island’s industrial sector so that it has resilience in emergency situations such as those that arose after the passage of Hurricane Maria (2017).

Governor Pedro Pierluisi participates in the announcement of a $30 million investment in the Baxter facilities in Ibonito for a natural gas cogeneration system. (supplied)

“At the same time, electricity generation will have a lower impact on our environment,” the governor added, explaining that the granted incentive provides assistance for machinery and equipment, infrastructure improvement, job creation and retention, and strategic projects. The company specializes in manufacturing medical devices.

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On the other hand, Cedar highlighted that Baxter’s development and solidity in Puerto Rico serves as an example for other companies seeking to invest or establish operations on the island.

“The investment the government is making in projects like this, both in domestic and foreign plants, takes us on the right path to taking Puerto Rico’s energy and business transition to the next level,” Sider said.

Meanwhile, Ibonito Mayor William Alicia highlighted Baxter’s impact on employability in his municipality, where they were able to settle 47 years ago. Currently, the Ibonito factory provides 1,000 jobs.

“For example, the employment opportunities Baxter has provided over the past years for many people in our city have been used to purchase the first home for many families or (to pay for) the education of many children,” Alicia said.

For her part, engineer Shelley Cruz, President of Baxter Solutions Group, indicated that Baxter’s mission extends beyond the products, treatments and services it provides.

“Our approach to CSR is based on creating a more sustainable and responsible business model with innovations in healthcare. In line with our goals of achieving carbon neutrality in direct operations, we are proud to complete the implementation of new cogeneration systems at our plants in Ibonito and Guyama, And soon in Guayama.

Meanwhile, Ibonito Plant Director, José Carrero, noted, “Millions of patients use our products every day and are confident that our employees continue to contribute to our mission of saving and preserving lives.”