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McDonald’s will distribute French fries every Friday in the United States

McDonald’s will distribute French fries every Friday in the United States

New and good news related to the famous McDonald’s restaurants attracts the attention of its regular customers. It turns out that the company will be offering free French fries every Friday for the remainder of this year. Although there are several conditions and it will only be during those days, the followers of this fast food are already rubbing their hands. This was officially announced last weekend. The promotion will be called “Free Fries Friday” and will have a national rollout. But what do you need to do to taste those amazing French fries that McDonald’s has to offer now? We explain to you.

Yes, the popular fast food chain will offer you french fries every Friday until the end of 2023. To do this, if you are a regular customer, you should consider the following to make the best use of this McDonald’s offer.

Conditions for eating free French fries at McDonald’s

The company initially requests that you register for its application. Next, you must place an order of $1.00 or more. Once you do this process, you should go to the App Offers tab. The next step is to find “Free Fries Friday” and click on the “Add Offer to mobile order” button. ready! Now you can taste delicious French fries. The offer is valid on a completely free order of medium-sized potatoes.

Don’t forget that you’ll need to set up contactless payment, using any major credit card you’ve added to your account. However, there are still two more conditions to avail this McDonald’s offer.

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For example, this offer can only be completed once every Friday from now until December. Finally, customers must sign up for the McDonald’s App Rewards program when redeeming their fries.

Remember, small fries are already on the McDonald’s menu for $1.00, $2.00, and $3.00.