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Bad Bunny talks again about the fan he ripped off and threw his phone

Bad Bunny talks again about the fan he ripped off and threw his phone

Bad Bunny once again monopolized social media after becoming the latest star to grace Rolling Stone’s “Future of Music” issue and responding once again to controversy at the beginning of January by taking off a fan’s phone. Throw it in the Dominican Republic.

The Puerto Rican artist, who paid tribute to seasoned reggaeton performers with an oath to photographer Daniel Sanwald, spoke again about the controversy he sparked while walking with some friends in early 2023 in a common area of ​​the luxury resort of Casa de Campo during a short stay. An extensive interview he gave to the US media in his latest issues for July and August.

“People have been recording,” said the interpreter of “Ask Me Titi,” when asked about the situation that shook the networks in the first week of the year, causing the reggaeton player to distance himself from them for a time and reappear in California. He currently owns an estate worth $8.8 million in the Hollywood Hills.

“I love going to the DR, so I was greeting everyone, like, ‘What! “Suddenly, a woman jumped in front of me to take a selfie. That person was right on top of me, leaning right over my body,” he added, so his instinct was to throw his phone.

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But he admitted he was upset “the next day, the next day, the next day,” though he made it clear that he hadn’t thrown the mobile device into the water, as reported at the time.

“Brother, this phone didn’t break. It exists. It bothers me that people didn’t say that. I didn’t throw the phone in the water. I threw it in some bushes,” said Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio, who claims the fan managed to catch the device where it fell.

“She has it, and she should upload the video,” he added.

Are the Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner dating?

On the other hand, Bad Rabbit also responded to his alleged relationship with model Kendall Jenner, who was caught on multiple occasions on the streets of Los Angeles.

When asked by the magazine about his encounters with a member of the Kardashian-Jenner family, he indicated that he wanted to protect his privacy.

“I know something is going to come up. And I know that [la gente] I will say something that people know all about me, so what is left to protect? my own life. My personal life “.

“Today, everyone is paparazzi… We are in the worst moment, the worst moment for human privacy. Today, no one respects anyone’s privacy or life. There might be someone in line, I don’t know, wearing some weird pants or something, And someone is filming it.”

On the other hand, the urban exponent, who announced that he is working on a collaboration with American rapper Travis Scott, clarified some statements he made to Time magazine in March, understanding that they were taken out of context.

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Don’t feel sorry for “El Apagón”

Among them, he made it clear he had no regrets at all by releasing “El Apagón,” a song that is part of his latest album “Un Verano Sin Ti” and which recounts the electrical service problems Puerto Rico has had since Hurricane Maria in September of 2017, when he expressed that he would no longer It feels aligned with the verse “Now everybody wants to be Latin, but they lack spice”.

“when I saw [a la gente decir] I regret writing El Apagón, it shocked me, like when did I say that in the interview? I wouldn’t say that in my damn life.”

“It’s been quite a journey, like a process that started with something patriotic, then the party and the hustle and bustle, and then the emotional part, the awareness of it. I always say this is life for Puerto Rican people: we’re proud to be Puerto Ricans, we like to party and act like no something important, and then we hit a reality that is often very painful,” she said.

Meanwhile, given the statements he made after saying that he did not experience color or racism and that it would be “irresponsible” to say otherwise in said interview, the urban artist asserts that this is another comment taken out of context by asserting that this statement was part more comprehensive expressions.

“I’m Latino, Caribbean, white. I’ve felt rejected in the States, maybe in some places for being Latino. I’ve felt rejected in a world where there are so many rich people and you can have 100 million in your bank account, and for them, you [menospreciado] Being Latina I can’t speak above other artists’ experiences. It’s clear that racism and colorism exist all over the world and in all industries.”

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Conejo Mallo’s recent statements are part of a report published in the July and August issues of American Magazine, in which the Puerto Rican star discusses how to maintain his core while managing the attention he receives from tabloids and all kinds of “bastards.”

During the interview, which came in the midst of her historic performance at the Coachella Valley Music Festival, recording of “Where She Goes” in California and her second appearance at the Met Gala in New York,